Chauncey Jerome Ogee #12


This beautiful ogee, dating to c. 1843, has a number of things going for it.  The brass dial is very elaborate, with raised numerals and chapter ring.  I’ve only seen one other example on a Jerome clock.  The reverse-painted tablet is also unusual.  All of the features (vase, flowers, and leaves) were hand-drawn and hand-painted.  I’ve seen three other examples, and no two are identical.


Label printed by Elihu Geer.


Type 1.211 30-hr movement (front). Note that there’s no maker’s stamp or serial number.


Type 1.211 30-hr movement (back).


Hand-drawn and -painted tablet in excellent condition.


Back side of tablet, showing ownership record over the years, starting in 1843.  My wife and I are in the process of sorting out the ownership based on genealogical and census records. Follow this link for our preliminary findings.

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