Chauncey Jerome Octagon Gallery


This Chauncey Jerome 30-hr marine octagon gallery was likely made around 1850-1852. The dial measures 6 inches and the rosewood case 8-1/4 inches (side-to-side) or 9 inches (point-to-point).


Label identifying Chauncey Jerome as the maker.


Front view of movement likely made by Hendrick, Barnes and Co. (1848-51) or Hendrick, Hubbell and Co. (1851-55). ¬†According to Richard Hubble in the Nov/Dec 2013 Watch & Clock Bulletin, this may be the earliest of the Hendrick, Barnes/Hubbell movements used by Jerome. ¬†The early features on this movement are the adjustable steel “bushings” for the verge and balance wheel and a keyhole-shaped brass mount for the front plate that holds the fast/slow lever.


Rear view of movement.


Maker’s stamp showing “CHAUNCEY JEROME/NEW HAVEN, CONN/USA”.

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