Smith & Brothers Ogee


This 8-day ogee was made by Chauncey Jerome and sold to Smith & Brothers of New York City for resale.  Attribution to Jerome was possible due to a crack in the overpasted label of Smith & Bros that allowed seeing a portion of the Jerome underlabel.  The movement is also now known to be a Jerome product, although few have come to light.


Smith & Brothers label, showing their establishment at 7 Bowery in New York City, is overpasted on a Chauncey Jerome label.


8-day unclassified Jerome movement with stamp “NO 55″.  When Snowden Taylor published his Bulletin article (Number 270, Feb. 1991, pages 3-29) on 8-day movements, he knew of no Bristol-made movements by Chauncey Jerome that were based on the Noble Jerome patent.  There were 8-day movements in Bristol-labeled Jerome clocks, but those movements (types 2.121, 2.122, 2.13, and 2.14) were made by his brother (Jerome & Grant).  The unclassified movements are contemporaneous with the 30-hr type 1.211 movement and use a similar plate cutout.  I have seen very few of these 8-day movements, and they appear to have low serial numbers.  For example, one other example in my photo archives has serial number 226.  Interestingly enough, the serial numbers for the 30-hr 1.211 movement are in the range of approximately 3000-11,000.  I suspect that low numbers were reserved for the 8-day movements, but more research is necessary to find out how high the serial numbers go on the 8-day movements.

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