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The following are what I consider indispensable resources for those interested in Chauncey Jerome’s involvement in the clock industry, as well as the development of the clock industry in 19th century USA:

Bailey, Chris.  From Rags to Riches to Rags:  The Story of Chauncey Jerome, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement #15, Spring 1986.

Roberts, Ken and Taylor, Snowden.  Eli Terry and the Connecticut Shelf Clock, 2nd edition, Ken Roberts Publishing Co., 1994.

Roberts, Ken.  The Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology, 1810-1862, 2nd edition, Ken Roberts Publishing Co., 1988.

Jerome, Chauncey.  History of the American Clock Business for the Past Sixty Years and Life of Chauncey Jerome, published by F. C. Dayton, Jr., 1860. (reprints by American Clock & Watch Museum, 1983)

Taylor, Snowden.  The Noble Jerome Patent 30-Hr. Brass Weight Movement and related movements, NAWCC Bulletin, Whole No. 221, Vol. XXIV, No. 6, Part II, December 1982.

Taylor, Snowden.  Wood Works Movements, NAWCC Bulletin, Whole No. 208, Vol. XXII, No. 5, Part I, October 1980.

Rogers, Bryan and Taylor, Snowden.  Eight Day Wood Movement Shelf Clocks – Their Cases, Their Movements, Their Makers, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement #19, Spring 1993.

Davis, Lee H.  The Greek Revival Influence on American Clock Case Design and Empire Clock Case Development, NAWCC Bulletin Supplement #18, Spring 1991.

Taylor, Snowden.  Eight-Day Brass Weight Movements of the Noble Jerome Patent Era, NAWCC Bulletin, Whole No. 270, Vol. 33, No. 1, pages 3-29, February 1991.

Brown, Christopher R.  Good for a Time, The Christopher R. Brown Research Archive of Early American Wooden Works Shelf Clocks, edited by Russell Oechsle, Oechsle-Brown Publications, 2011.

I have also found helpful information on the following websites:

NAWCC message board:

A Microsoft Excel-based version of Snowden Taylor’s wood works movement identification scheme: [Unfortunately this wonderful website has been taken down, and the Excel file is no longer available on the internet. Contact me if you'd like a copy.]

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