Crosby & Vosburgh Ogee


This OOG clock was probably made in 1856 or 1857 shortly after the bankruptcy of the Jerome Manufacturing Co. but has no direct connection to Jerome.  Crosby & Vosburgh were not manufacturers of clocks.  It’s likely they either purchased complete clocks from a manufacturer for resale or assembled components (case, tablet, movement, gong, etc.) from a number of manufacturers.  The tablet shows the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, which was completed in 1855. See below for an interesting feature of this tablet.


Note that the label claims that Crosby & Vosburgh are the “successors to the Jerome Manufacturing Co.”  Printed by Livesey Bros. & Co., 74 Fulton St., New York.


Type 2.(10)3 30-hr movement, maker unknown.


Tablet showing the Smithsonian Institute.  If you were to visit the Smithsonian today, you would not find this building exactly as shown.  As constructed, the Castle had two asymmetrical towers flanking the entrance.  The view on the tablet is probably based on an 1846 architect’s model, although even here there are some differences in the corner towers.  Note that the view on the tablet is from the mall, whereas the architect’s model is from the rear.


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