Clock Factory in New Haven, CT

Images of the Jerome (later New Haven Clock Co.) factory in New Haven, CT from around 1845 to the early 1900s.

Type 1 factory

c. 1844


Type 2 factory

c. 1866-1880

On April 30, 1866 most of the New Haven factory was destroyed in a fire.  Only the sales office and a long building on Hamilton St. survived.  This view, therefore, showing the reconstructed factory occupying the entire frontage of Saint John St. post-dates the 1866 fire.

Type 3 factory

c. 1880-1905

The image above, in addition to featuring prominently on clock labels, also appears in the 1880 New Haven Clock Co. catalog.  During the period 1885-1905, the factory expanded to encompass the entire block and also the block to the west.  Finally, a birds-eye view (Bing maps) below of the factory as it appeared a few years ago.  Demolition of the eastern wing started shortly after this image was taken, and it is now gone.



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