Chauncey Jerome Octagon


This Jerome octagon clock with rosewood veneer was probably made c. 1852.  8-day octagon clocks are advertised in the 1852 and 1853 Jerome trade catalogs and in an 1850 circular printed for the English market.


Note the factory location, which is given on the label as “New Haven, Conn./AMERICA.”  It has been speculated that labels with “AMERICA” or “USA” were intended for the export market.


8-day, double fusee movement, with maker’s stamp “CHAUNCEY JEROME/NEW HAVEN CONN/USA.”  The movement is accessible by removing the dial or the backboard.  Some versions of this clock had a hinged backboard, allowing easy access.  However, the backboard on this clock is screwed to the case.  Servicing the movement requires removing the backboard, as the movement seatboard slides out through the rear.


Pencil inscription with the name T. (or J.) Stevens and the year 1852.  Although there is no way of being certain, it is likely that Stevens was the original owner of the clock.

1853 catalog cover-a

Cover from the 1853 Jerome trade catalog (Kenneth D. Roberts, 1971), prominently featuring the octagon clock (though one with a circular viewing port for the pendulum). Also noteworthy is that, by the early 1850s, Jerome had wholesale warehouses in New York City, Boston, and Liverpool.

1850 circular-a

1850 circular printed for the English market (Kenneth D. Roberts, 1971).  Two variations of the short-drop octagon clock are shown:  in the middle-right the version I have, and in the middle-left a “chisel bottom” version.

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