American Clock Co. Ogee


This is the clock that started me down the path of collecting Chauncey Jerome clocks.  Ironically enough, the clock was probably made shortly after the bankruptcy of the Jerome Manufacturing Co.  The New Haven Clock Co. continued using the factory with “Chauncey Jerome Clock Maker” over the entrance on its labels for a short period.  This clock probably dates to around 1856-1860.


Label printed by John Benham, with an address of the Glebe Building at the corner of Church and Chapel Streets in New Haven.  Note that the label states, “MANUFACTURED FOR/American Clock Co.”  Also note the claim about “EXTRA BUSHED MOVEMENTS.”  This claim is not found on any labels identifying Chauncey Jerome as the maker, nor does the Glebe Building printer’s address show up in Chauncey Jerome clocks that can be attributed to the Jerome Manufacturing Co.  These facts lead me to believe that the clock is post-Jerome bankruptcy.


Type 1.314 30-hr movement (front), with no maker’s stamp


Type 1.314 30-hr movement (back)

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