8-day Brass

Three 8-day movements made by Jerome are shown below, the first from Bristol and the others from New Haven.  A fourth movement, an Ives strap movement, is found in C&N Jerome clocks.  Jerome also used 8-day movements made by his brother’s firm, Jerome & Grant.


8-day unclassified Jerome movement with stamp “NO 55″.  These movements are contemporaneous with the 30-hr type 1.211 movement.


Type 1.141 8-day movement made by Jerome and stamped “CHAUNCEY JEROME/NEW HAVEN, CONN/USA.”  This movement is characterized by non-ribbed great wheels; the other gears are ribbed.  Please don’t attempt to copy the sloppy and amateurish repairs!


Type 1.143 8-day movement made by Jerome and stamped “CHAUNCEY JEROME/NEW HAVEN, CONN/USA.” Distinguished from the type 1.141 by use of a rivet (instead of a screw) to attach the verge pin arm. The tombstone cutouts in the front plate are also different in these two movement types. These movements may have been made by the New Haven Clock Co. for Jerome. The use of the rivet appears to coincide with the formation of the New Haven Clock Co. (formed in 1851 and incorporated in 1853).


Original Joseph Ives A-frame, 8-day, rolling pinion, brass strap movement.

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